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The best place to start is with an Introductory Flight. The Introductory Flight puts you in the pilot's seat only $125 (includes pilot logbook) You actually fly the airplane and this flight time counts toward any future flying that you do.


NOTE: The minimum flight and training time required by the Federal Aviation Administration has remained unchanged, while the knowledge, maneuvers, and skill level required has been updated on a regular basis to reflect today's flying environment. Flying an aircraft requires a measurable level of skill. Each individual starts their flight training with different levels of knowledge, skills and habits. There-fore it is difficult to estimate how long it will take each person to complete their training. All estimates are based on national averages.

$7020.00 (60-70 Hours of flight time x $108.00hr)
$2750.00 (50 hours with Instructor x $55.00hr)
$1650.00 (30 hours of ground inst. x $55.00hr)
$450.00  (1 Ground School 25 hour course)
$175.00  (1 Gleim Private Pilot Kit)
$150.00  (1 Headset)
$150.00  (Misc. materials)
$150.00  (WrittenTest)
$375.00  (FlightTest)
$110.00  (ThirdClassMedical)
$12,980.00 TOTAL COST

*A recent article in one of the best known aviation magazines showed the average nationwide cost to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate as approximately $12,500. The numbers above are based on this information.*

If a student is able to gain the required Experience, Skill, Knowledge and Decision Making Ablility to earn their Private Pilot Certificate in the minimum time of 40 hours, they will have spent approximately $7000. The cost will obviously increase with any needed extra instruction and flight time.
Cost per Flight Lesson 
-HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? After a few lessons, your flight instructor will have a better idea of how you are progressing and can give you a rough estimate of how long it will take for you to reach your goal.
-WHEN DO I PAY? Since no one knows exactly how many hours each person will take, you do not pay upfront but can pay at each flight lesson. 
-HOW MUCH DOES EACH FLIGHT LESSON COST? A typical flight lesson lasts about 2 hours and can average between $200 to $300.

-HOW DO I PAY FOR FLIGHT TRAINING? You can pay for your training several ways. We accept all major credit cards, cash or check. You can also finance your training through Pilot Finance, Inc. We take care of the paperwork for you and can have your loan approved in 24 hours. A discounted rate is available by making the refundable deposit of a minimum of $1000.00 by cash or check in your account and drawing off of your account instead of paying at the end of each lesson. Payment details will be reviewed in person before beginning your flight training.



Our flight training aircraft rental rates (effective January 1st, 2020) are listed below:

Rates are subject to change at anytime based on changes to Insurance/Fuel/Maintenance costs etc. and

might not be reflected on the website. All rates will be reviewed in person before beginning flight training.


Cessna 150 $108-112/hour

Diamond Eclipse $117-127/hour

Cessna 172 $132-138/hour

Piper Archer II $145-152/hour

Piper Arrow IV $165-175/hour

Flight Instructor $55/hour

RedBird TD-2 Simulator $50/hour


Spencer Aviation DOES NOT charge an initiation fee, monthly fees or airport tax. Our insurance includes a "waiver of subrogation". Fuel is included in the rental cost of the aircraft. All aircraft are hangared and have preheaters installed on the engines. In the winter the preheaters are on timers so the aircraft is preheated and ready to go before each flight lesson. We have lower operating costs at the Delaware Municipal & Union County Airport which allow us to have very competitive rates. Our main goal is to provide the best Flight Instruction and Aircraft at reasonable rates. (Prices subject to change with fuel prices, etc)