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Here's what our customers and other aviation professionals in the industry are saying...

Spencer Aviation was voted "Best Flight School Great Lakes Region" for 2019. Spencer Aviation was also recognized as a "Distinguished Flight School", a title given to high scoring flight schools from AOPA's 2018 Flight Training Experience Survey! AOPA had already listed Spencer Aviation on the "Honor Roll of Flight Schools" in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and in 2017 Spencer Aviation was given a 100% poll rating for Professionalism and 100% for Friendly and Supportive staff.


Endorsement from The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA):

“It was clear from the customer reviews that these professionals are providing a quality flight instruction experience.” Brittney Miculka, director of pilot community development for AOPA.

“We feel it’s important to recognize flight training providers, like Spencer Aviation, who create a quality customer experience that supports student pilots and their entry into all aspects of the aviation community” Shannon Yeager, vice president of AOPA’s Center to Advance the Pilot Community. 

“Spencer Aviation has consistently demonstrated the highest levels of achievement in the flight training community.”


Here are a few of the written comments from students:

-Everyone is friendly, helpful and encouraging.-

-I felt welcomed into your community of aspiring aviators and became quickly impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism shown.-

-Spencer Aviation’s flight school has been an absolute pleasure to attend. They consistently provide outstanding customer service, expert instruction, and good value to their students. I would highly recommend Spencer Aviation to anyone interested in learning to fly!-

-I'm so incredibly thankful that I was able to finish up my training with Spencer Aviation.  They are hands down the best.-

-I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement I have received here.-

-Spencer Aviation continually brings in flight instructors that are there for not only building their own hours, but have a genuine interest in teaching and coaching others how to fly, no matter what level.-

-This place is amazing! I'm heading back for steady lessons. And I can't wait!-

-I took an intro flight and have been growing ever since due largely to the support of Spencer Aviation.-

-This is the second flight school I've been able to experience and they are worlds apart. They are fantastic people.  They are always welcoming and willing to chat, talk about flying, or even quiz you on random things as you prepare for check rides.  I appreciate the family like atmosphere they have created and welcomed me into.-

-This is one of AOPA's best ranked flight schools. Great facilities, airplanes and instructors. The Owner generally cares about the customers.-

-Great value and experience. The introductory flight is definitely worth it for anyone who is even slightly interested in flying. I was up in the sky within 30 minutes of arriving and addicted shortly after. I plan on continuing my training here to eventual get my PPL. The staff is very kind and helpful. Highly recommend.-

-“This is a top notch school and environment, well deserving of continued Honor Role status.”-

-He ensures the best, friendliest and fun environment for everyone at Spencer Aviation. This popular fight school is successful due to his personality, thoughtfulness and decision making to ensure customer experience.-

-Spencer Aviation flight school should receive an award because of the quality instruction given and the fact of the consistency of this business.-

-Excellent leadership, diversity, inclusion and flexibility-

-I cannot thank you guys enough for the training I've received. It has been top-notch and could not ask for a better flight school and instructors, thanks-

“If you want to see how flight training is done right, go to (Spencer Aviation).”